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Elements with HTML as customfields

Source: Thermogaz (Greece)
Template URL:


Source - customfield with HTML


Preview - customfield with HTML




1. images in HTML don't have domain from imported XML -


1. Import element as customfiled type EDITOR (customfiled type X)

a. Go to the Customfields list in VM and create customfiled type Group - Import Thermogatz
b. Remember ID for next use (448)
c. Put right setup for import elements from XML as customfiled in TAB Custom Fields

{Custom Symbols|Custom_symbols||X|0|0|448|on-import}


  • Custom Symobols - is the name of CustomFiled after import (will be create automatically by import)
  • Custom_symbols - is the name of element in XML import file
  • X - type of customfield, creted by import (X - Editor == HTML code)
  • 448 - ID of parent's customfield - the new customfield by import will be created as child for this
  • on-import - position for imported customfield - can be used as position for show in template



Setup - customfield with html



2. Add domain name for all links in HTML code inside customfields after import (the new customfield has ID 451)

a. manually - got to phpmyadmin and use sql command for add domain name

UPDATE `import_minijoomla_org`.`udf89_virtuemart_product_customfields` SET `customfield_value` = REPLACE(`customfield_value`, 'src="/', 'src="') WHERE `virtuemart_custom_id` LIKE '%451%';

b. automatically - create php script and connect to cron, call after every import

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