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Elements with the same name

Source: Thermogaz (Greece)
Template URL:


Source - elements with the same name


Preview - elements with the same name


The first element for image has the right name:


The second element for next image has the right name too:


But the next elements for additional images have the same name:


So, how can we setup right images elements for import?

We will use the functions of the XPath programming language - the order of the element in the XML feed using a serial number.

We will create several settings for importing images (according to the number of elements in the XML feed, maximum 9).

In the URL settings of the image, insert the name of the element - <additional_imageurl> - and add the serial number of the element in the tree structure of the XML feed.

The resulting settings for the image URL will look like this:



Setup - elements with the same name

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